We Love BuHi – One of the Most Interesting Developments in ATL

What started as an Instagram account a year ago, has evolved in what it is in my opinion the most in1464065079083teresting development in Metro Atlanta.  We Love BuHi is a social venture led by powerhouse Marian Liou that aims to revitalize one of the most diverse corridors in the country (Buford Highway) by capitalizing on the greatest asset already in that specific geographical area:  Diverse People.

The many cities that the corridor crosses: Doraville, Chamblee, Brookhaven have all their own plans for development and most of the times, those plans lean towards “gentrification” of the corridor, a proposal that includes beautiful town homes, “live-work-play” NEW spaces (and I stress NEW because clearly current residents love, work and play ALREADY in the corridor) and just a general overhaul of what Buford Highway currently is:  An incredibly diverse, rich and affordable area for multi-cultural communities.

I personally participated in a couple of meetings that discussed this gentrification plan.  I will never forget a gentleman advocating loudly for “more Captain D’s” instead of noodle places of mexican shacks.

We Love BuHi’s approach is eminently different.  We Love BuHi wants the people that live in BuHi to decide what they want for their own families, businesses and life.  We Love BuHi believes in the power of “co-creation and inclusion”.  The residents and business owners should be the ones that drive the vision of what they want to create.

The enourmous wealth of languages, cultures, businesses (most of the immigrant owned) make Buford Highway a unique space for ALL OF US to feel welcome.  I know I do, and I also Love BuHi.

Here is the mini-documentary of the project.

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