LCF Georgia advances knowledge of the Latino community through publications, research, and studies. Our efforts would not be possible without our members and partners whom we partner with to collect data, develop processes and provide guidance to what we want to study.

It is our hope, these reports provide the data and information needed to champion inclusive and equitable policies and inform outreach, investments and programs across Georgia.

2021 Trabajando Juntos / Working Together

This study examines how a group of LCF Georgia member organizations fared both on their own and as a coalition to respond to the needs of vulnerable Latinx Georgians in the wake of the shutdown and economic disruption. The study documents how these organizations worked together, and it also documents how they provided assistance to each other in supporting their efforts.

2021 The Impact of COVID in Diverse Communities

In 2020 the New American Economy (NAE), wanted to better understand why COVID-19 had such disproportionately severe economic and health impacts on BIPOC and immigrant communities in 5 cities. LCF Georgia and the Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Immigrants Affairs expanded the scope of the data collection from a city to a state-wide effort and incorporated translations and outreach to communities that spoke languages other than English and Spanish with particular emphasis on Portuguese and Mayan languages.

The Georgia-specific analysis centers on comparing different ways in which the crisis was experienced by immigrants, children of immigrants, non-immigrants, and Metro vs. Outside Metro Atlanta.

2020 Colorea y Aprende / Color and Learn

To encourage families to have a fun activity to do during the pandemic and learn about our history and those that led with their lives’ work to secure the rights we have now, we assembled a group of artists to create unique artwork on key yet oftentimes unknown leaders of color in the US. A call to action to lead and participate is included

2020 LCF Georgia Funding Principles

After the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of 4 member organizations co-created in 48 hours a set of funding principles prioritizing communities who should receive COVID-19 emergency assistance. LCF Georgia has adopted and expanded these principles to all of our grantmaking practices.

2019 Prevent Notary Fraud / Prevenga el Fraude Notarial

A document created by the Delivering on the Dream – Georgia Collaborative to prevent the most common type of fraud immigrants encounter. The document is in Spanish and includes nonprofit legal providers offering services on a sliding scale or low-bono.

2018 Georgia Latino Entrepreneurship Study

The Georgia Latino Entrepreneurship Report (GLER) is a research project of the Latino Community Fund (LCF Georgia) to advance knowledge of Latino business owners in Georgia. It identifies needs and opportunities for these individuals to meet their potential and aspirations as breadwinners and wealth builders. Furthermore, the report presents findings and recommendations for the government, nonprofit, and financial sectors. It identifies strategies for equitable economic self-sufficiency and growth by creating and expanding opportunities for Latino business owners.

2017 Latino-Led and Latino-Serving Organizations are Key to Georgia’s Future

A new funding model-one that incorporates an equity lens throughout the decision process and selection and is based on the reality of Georgia’s demographics, as well as the challenges for grassroots organizations, is needed in order to accelerate positive impact in our community and truly facilitate the integration of thousands of families into the fabric of the state. Data collected from 45 local organizations, 990 filings and Foundation Center analysis were used to develop this point of view.