Latinos in Georgia are fast opening businesses. Here are some of the unique findings from our 2018 Georgia Latino Entrepreneurship Study (the only needs-assessment research study done in state and specific community).

  • Latinos in Georgia are recent immigrants. Over 80% are immigrants
  • Latinos in Georgia open businesses faster than Latinos in other states
  • Latinas open businesses due to push factors (they have to)
  • Latino Businesses arefFamily businesses and are a Cornerstone in Georgia’s Communities
  • Enablers of small business success are education, certification, funding knowledge, personal networks, and a strong social safety net.

How do we help?

We Support Young and Micro-Entrepreneur

Group photo of the Entrepreneurship 101 Program participants

Youth often learns a skill or trade through their parents, many micro-entrepreneurs do not see themselves as business owners. We offer contextual basic business education and basic business resources for these specific segments to determine if they’d like to build a career and business around this skill or trade and formally incorporate their commercial activity.

The goal is self-sufficiency and we see this work as part of Expanding Economic Opportunity to all.


Through our membership, we identify micro-businesses already pursuing education, better connections and knowledge. Through our Giving Circle, we provide $500-$1000 grants to be used to pay for incorporation, fees, digital presence, supplies and materials. These grants are received by members.

We Work and Refer For Additional Services to the Following Members and Partners:

Our partners and members work with us to support Latinx micro-entrepreneurs and young future entrepreneurs in Georgia.