Latinos in Georgia are the fastest growing segment opening businesses in the country. Yet, the large majority of Latino business owners in Georgia are sole proprietors, meaning they are personally responsible for the debts and expenses of their businesses.

Funding is a huge barrier to the growth and development of these businesses.

Seed Funding for Micro-Entrepreneurs

Our Entrepreneurship 101 Program provides seed funding that allows Latinx micro-entrepreneurs to pay for incorporation and to purchase basic materials and equipment so they can start a commercial activity. Over time, they build credit and access other financial instruments, such as Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) loans.

The program creates a path to a formalized business and also includes a rigorous business education component. It’s aimed at micro-entrepreneurs already engaged in business, but with less than $50,000 of annual commercial activity.

Grant Details

Grants range between $250-$1,000 per entrepreneur, depending on their business’ needs. Through the stipulations of the grant, the micro-entrepreneur agrees to report and provide receipts for the expenses covered by the grant. They also agree to check in with us after six months and again after one year to assess progress.

Group photo of the Entrepreneurship 101 Program participants

Young Entrepreneurs

We also work with the next generation of entrepreneurs, youth who have learned a skill or trade through their parents. We offer workshops and basic business resources for these young people to determine if they’d like to build a career and business around this skill or trade.

The goal is for them to become self-sufficient and have the capacity to hire or care for their parents in the future.

Participation in Entrepreneurship Programs

Grant recipients and participants in our programs for entrepreneurs are selected through referrals from our member and partner organizations, many of whom are already working with one of our nonprofit partners or members in another capacity.

Past Grantees

  • Marcela Cortes (Luvaboo)
  • Elena Carné (Tepuy Activewear)
  • Pablo’s Bakery
  • Viva Greetings
  • RapiFast
  • Yehimi Cambron LLC

Partners Working Toward Entrepreneurship

Our partners and members work with us to support Latinx micro-entrepreneurs and young future entrepreneurs in Georgia.