Health & Well-Being

Reliable access to healthcare is a struggle for many within the Latinx community in Georgia, and the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated these challenges even further.

Together with our members and partners, we’re working toward equitable access to healthcare and facilitating programs that improve the mental and physical health of those within Georgia’s Latinx community.

COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

In March, 2020 we launched the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund to offer direct assistance to Latinos in Georgia. The relief efforts prioritized our most vulnerable community members, including the undocumented, people living in poverty and those who speak limited English.

Complications stemming from legal status, language barriers and other cultural drivers created an emergency within communities across Georgia. This humanitarian crisis is still defined by widespread unemployment, increasing eviction rates and hunger affecting primarily Black, Latinx, undocumented immigrants and English learners.

The funding supports food security efforts, rent and utility assistance, and emergency cases that address a gap in philanthropy within vulnerable communities.

Funds Invested

Thus far, we’ve invested $1,815,600 toward relief efforts:

  • Direct assistance to families: $702,000
  • Grants to organizations providing relief and food: $803,600
  • Direct food assistance: $160,500
  • PPE and supplies for distribution: $71,500
  • Distribution, navigation & outreach contractors and personnel: $78,000

Unidos Georgia

We launched the Unidos Georgia campaign to further support the Latinx community in Georgia through the COVID-19 pandemic, providing vaccinations and testing. To date, it’s responsible for administering more than 10,000 vaccines and thousands of tests to help stop the spread of the virus in Georgia.

The initiative prioritizes undocumented individuals and mixed-status families in order to support the 300,000+ undocumented individuals in Georgia through the pandemic.

Community member holding up signs indicating why they got vaccinated

Ventanillas de Salud

Ventanillas de Salud provides free healthcare access and information to any community member who needs it. We partnered with the Mexican Consulate General in Atlanta, where Ventanillas de Salud is based in Georgia, to bring this national healthcare program to the Latinx community.

Healthcare Services

Aside from COVID-19 vaccinations and testing, community members can also access a range of healthcare services through the Ventanillas de Salud program.

  • Basic screening of chronic diseases
  • Health education, information and navigation
  • Referrals to culturally appropriate service providers

While Ventanillas de Salud is focused on serving the Latinx community, anyone can access these healthcare services for free.