COVID-19 Relief

Throughout the pandemic, LCF Georgia has taken a leadership role in creating accessible information and resources in Spanish – ensuring the community has access to food, technology, COVID-19 testing, emergency assistance and vaccines. 

Services are targeted to English learners and those who are unable to secure other types of relief due to documentation status, those with dependents, those with limited or no source of income, those without access to reliable transportation and those in occupations where physical distancing and worker protections were extremely limited (manufacturing, agricultural workers, poultry workers, etc).

COVID-19 Relief Funds

In 2020, LCF Georgia and members that received sub-grants from our COVID-19 Relief Fund provided:

  • 152,000 families with food assistance
  • 71,160 individuals with rental assistance
  • 30,000 individuals with utilities assistance (7,600 families)
  • 8,200 individuals were supported with with general supplies, including diapers and toiletries
  • 555 individuals with  support for medical bills 
  • l30,500 individuals with masks and other PPE

Current Efforts

Our efforts have now evolved from providing emergency assistance to inclusive and equitable mitigation and recovery through direct technical assistance to small and micro-businesses, health navigation and advocacy, and a consistent presence at the following locations:

  • Consulate General of Mexico: Ventanillas de Salud Program
  • Consulate General of Guatemala: Weekly vaccination events
  • Consulate General of El Salvador: Weekly vaccination events
  • South Georgia Navigators’ Team 

As of July 2021, LCF Georgia has facilitated community vaccination events with more than 8,500 shots in arms of the community. Additionally, we have provided over US$50,000 in mini-grants to member organizations so they can organize their own complementary vaccination efforts in their localities.

We are grateful to the dozens of funders and hundreds of individuals that have contributed to ensure our families survive the pandemic and are able to thrive in life.