Latinos, Latinas, Latinx,
Hispanos, Latino Americans in Georgia.


Collectively, we do more.
we champion community issues;
we support our organizations;
we invest in our families and youth;
we drive change with positive narratives;
we speak our truth and we strengthen our identity.
There is power in us and there is strength in our numbers.
We have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

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Latinas in Georgia are the fastest segment in the country growing businesses. Over 87% of our children under 18 are American citizens. Our purchasing power totaled $17.6 billion in 2014.

It is time to invest in ourselves, to grow healthier, educated,economically stable and to garner our collective power. Join us in this journey to a better future.

100% of individual donations goes back to individuals locally in 3 high impact areas: Education, Civic Engagement and Entrepreneurship.

We invite you to explore our website and our work. When you are ready, join us, we need YOU.

What We Do

Latino Community Fund (LCF) is a catalyst for investment, collaborative work and positive narrative.  We work within and with the Latinx/Hispanic Community in Georgia by supporting Latino-serving nonprofits.

Giving Circles, Corporate and Family Philanthropy and Social Investments are vehicles to facilitate smart and efficient investment in our community.

Corporate, Family and Business Funds

Navigating the nonprofit ecosystem is not easy.  Understanding who does what, the impact and reach of the program, the final outcome and metrics are all esential considerations before an investment in made.
Continue reading “Corporate, Family and Business Funds”

Educational Scholarships

By 2030, one in five people in Georgia will be Hispanic, and Latinx already make up over 27% of the school population in Gwinnett. While there are significant improvements in graduation rates (currently at 64%) it is still the third lowest in the nation. The greatest barrier to top-notch academic performance and higher graduation rates may be money. Continue reading “Educational Scholarships”

Scholarships for Citizenship and DACA Applications

DACA is the first step in securing the future of young Latinos. In addition to allowing them to access higher education financing and better positioning them for U.S. citizenship, it allows them to better contribute to society by accessing improved employment and business opportunities. Continue reading “Scholarships for Citizenship and DACA Applications”

Latina Makers, Seed Capital for Micro-Entrepreneurs

Latinas in Georgia are the fastest growing segment opening businesses in the country, yet the large majority are sole propietors. Funding is a huge barrier to growth and development. Seed funding will be allocated to micro entrepreneurs already working with one of our nonprofit partners. Continue reading “Latina Makers, Seed Capital for Micro-Entrepreneurs”