Technical Assistance & Membership Support

We provide all of our members with technical assistance and support. It’s one of the key benefits of a membership with the Latino Community Fund Georgia. In 2020 alone, we delivered 829 sessions for our 40 member and partner organizations.

This assistance and support is focused around program development, capacity building and convening to discuss issues and problem solve for the community. It’s meant to help Latino-led and Latino-serving organizations grow sustainably, increase effectiveness, strengthen our collaborative work and develop informed leaders.

Program Development

We help our member organizations work toward their missions by supporting program development. This means providing assistance to organize and fund programs that serve the Latino community, including finding and filling gaps within the program and ensuring that everyone who needs to be included is accounted for.

  • Develop Latinx-issues module for leadership programs
  • Spearhead new programs that fill gaps in the community
  • Facilitate collaborations among our member and partner organizations
Membership meeting on Zoom

Capacity Building

Oftentimes, organizations need more funding and hours in the day to accomplish all of the work that needs to be done. We help them find that time and money through strategic improvements to current policies and practices.

Our workshops, coaching and leadership development offerings are aimed at improving the following areas:

  • Governance
  • Finances and accounting
  • Development
  • Advocacy

The annual Latino Summit & Forum also facilitates discussions around capacity building in relation to the focus for the summit.

Latino Summit & Forum

Every year, the Latino Community Fund along with Ser Familia organize and co-host the Latino Summit & Forum, a unique convening and learning space for all community members interested in exploring solutions for our community.

Each year has a new focus area that’s centered around the overall health and wellness of Georgia’s Latino community. Representatives from a wide range of different organizations discuss what’s worked in the past, promising practices for the future and opportunities to move forward together.

A seminar at the Latinx Summit & Forum