A Mexican DREAMer with Southern Roots

As a DACA recipient, Jaime Rangel believes his southern rural values mixed with the values his Mexican parents raised him with, will help him continue to push and achieve his endeavors.

He recently accepted a position as a Georgia Immigration Associate with FWD.US, which is a national immigrant advocacy organization founded by business and tech leaders. Prior to working with FWD, he worked to stop anti-immigrant bills in the Georgia Capitol and helped pass pieces of legislation while working with the McDonald firm. He is a graduate of the 2014 GALEO Institute for Leadership and the 2015 Dalton Chamber of Commerce Emerging Leaders class. He recently received a leadership award by the Evangelical Minister Alliance of North Georgia for his work under the Gold Dome.

The 27-year-old native of Apan, Hidalgo and avid Braves Fan grew up in Northwest  Georgia where he attended Murray County High school and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree from Dalton State. The sacrifices his parents made to give him, his brother, and two cousins, a good life in Dalton, motivate him to work in policy. His goals are to continue to assist lawmakers to pass legislation that will help every Georgian achieve the American dream, help pass bi-partisan immigration reform, and one day run for public office.

When asked what advice he would share with other young students and professionals, he shared: “Keep your head up no matter what because it’s … harder to see where you are going with your head down. Face any challenge with boldness and don’t be embarrassed of your goals.”

Jaime speaking against anti-immigrant legislation at the Georgia Capitol.

Jaime visiting the new Braves Stadium.

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