Supporting Those That Do Good

During the last couple of years, as an organizer and contractor for non-profits; I have been frustrated by the lack of resources that compile not only events within the Hispanic community in Georgia but also the best work done by the many non-profits that work in our state.

Every month I hear of a new program, event or grant awarded. For many people like me, even thorough research provides little information on what the organization has actually accomplished with those funds. Annual reports provide a useful overview that if they are well done. If not, they are a formality that many times does not mean much.

This newsletter intends to be a channel for thought provoking articles and opinion pieces relevant to both non-profit organizations, funders and professionals interested in making a positive and REAL impact in the Hispanic community. Latino Connection also serves as a compilation of community events and volunteer opportunities for individuals and corporations.

I truly hope you share 5 minutes of your time every month and learn about those who do good and support them with your time, your dollars and your expertise. I also hope that you hold those same organizations accountable on how they use those funds so we, as a community invest in our future and not just give money and time away.

Thanks for reading!

Gigi / OG Studio

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Gilda (Gigi) Pedraza

Executive Director and Founder Latino Community Fund (LCF Georgia) Social Entrepreneur, Community Advocate, Latina, Mom, Wife. Lover of Life.