2020 Census Data Release: Georgia is More Diverse than Ever

The 2020 Census Data Release today confirmed that Georgia, like America, is more diverse than ever.

Georgia ranks 9th across the nation in the US Census Bureau Diversity Index defined as the probability of two people chosen randomly been of different race or ethnicity groups. Georgia’s index is 64%. The United States has an index of 61%.

The US Census Data Release also shows that the Latinx community in Georgia has grown tremendously in the last decade (31.6%), outpacing the national growth (23%).

The top 5 counties with the largest percentages of Hispanic/Latinx residents compared to their total population are:

  • Whitfield County: 35%
  • Echols County: 29.5%
  • Hall County: 28.1%
  • Atkinson County: 24.7%
  • Gwinnett County: 23%

For more tables, maps and charts, visit the US Census Data Visualization site.

Today’s data release is critical as it will inform the redistricting process and therefore the visibility, representation, rights, resources and power of the multi-cultural, multi-lingual communities that live and work in Georgia.

The Latino Community Fund (LCF Georgia) stands firm in support of fair maps and a transparent redistricting process.

As part of the Georgia Redistricting Alliance, our team has trained over 80 community members to provide testimony in redistricting hearings. We have advocated for language access for all community engagement and listening sessions and co-lead the Georgia Latinx Redistricting Caucus with over 30 organizations committed to maps that are representative of the hard-working people of our state.

The Latino Community Fund remains steadfast in its commitment to advance and expand the participation of our community in the democratic process of our localities, state, and country. Learn more about our work to expand people’s democracy and increase the visibility of our community and contributions.

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