Members & Partners


Logos not included of Community Estrella (advocacy for the TransLatinx community) and Contrapunto Artists Circle.

Membership in the Latino Community Fund (LCF Georgia) is open to Latino community organizations and nonprofits 501(c)(3), 501 (c)(5) and 501(c)(6) in the state of Georgia providing direct programs and services in the areas of health, education, immigration, civic engagement, advocacy, economic empowerment, and arts and culture.

Associate membership is also open to specific programs of nonprofits 100% led, advised, and serving Latinos. Projects and initiatives led by these programs may also receive programmatic grant funding.

Organizations interested in membership, need to fill out this survey and meet two out of the three following criteria:

– Be Latino-led (Executive Director or CEO)
– Be governed by a majority Latino board of directors
– Serve a majority Latino client population

While there is no membership fee,  we ask members to attend 2 out of 4 membership meetings and to come together and support advocacy efforts and positions that benefit our community, showing strength in numbers and a unified voice.

Full benefits to member organizations include:
– Participation in grant opportunities 
– Technical assistance and capacity building (free or very low cost)
– Leadership Coaching and convening

Nonprofits providing programs and services in the focus areas stated above and complying with only one of the criteria above and completing the survey will be recognized as partners.   Partner organizations benefits include technical assistance services with the purpose of building and improving their capacity to serve the Latinx/Hispanic community in the state, discounted access to events and convening opportunities.   

Questions? Email us. Keep up with news and grant opportunities by signing up here.