LCF Georgia Supports and Celebrates Dekalb County’s Efforts for an Inclusive People’s Democracy

The “#Dear Georgia,It’s Time” campaign launched with the belief that all Georgia voters should be included in our democracy. In just 6 weeks, we won a major victory to expand language access for Georgia voters.

Dekalb County becomes the first county to voluntarily provide resources and sample ballots in Spanish and Korean.

This effort, led by Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta and strongly supported by LCF Georgia and a number of other community organizations, effectively facilitates a more equitable process where our communities feel included and welcomed. We encourage other counties to join in to encourage English Learning Americans participation in the democratic process.

Dekalb County is NOW offering key voting information in Spanish and Korean, including:

  • Sample Ballot (
  • Voter FAQs
  • Polling Location Changes
  • Dropbox Locations
  • Absentee Voter Guides
  • Instructions for LEP Voters on Accessing Advancing Justice Atlanta Voter Hotline

Thank you to Commissioner Larry Johnson for stepping forward to be a champion for language access. We also would like to thank Ofelia, a mother of 4 that has lived for 20 years in Dekalb County and is an active volunteer at school and church, for sharing her story.

Not knowing English made me so nervous to participate in the electoral process, but happily there was an interpreter from a community organization that helped me. We really need more materials in Spanish so we can better learn and vote in language so I can feel more safe and secure with my vote.


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