DREAM BIG Sport & Art Scholarship Fund

In early 2017, the Lavender family seeded the “Dream Big Sport & Arts Scholarship Fund” in an effort to bring more equity to arts and sports enrichment activities and allow children to enjoy recreational activities as part of their educational experience.

In 2017, eight children across Greater Atlanta were recipients of the award. In 2018, twelve children across the Greater Atlanta area received of the award. In 2019, 16 children received the award. In 2020, we are planning to benefit 20 children or more!

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Sion’s mom:
“I surprised Sion with a trip to Town Center Music in Suwanee after work. He had no idea he was getting a new guitar! His face when he picked out a guitar and new sturdier bag is one that I will never forget. He told me that his guitar teacher said his old guitar wasn’t in good
shape and that it needed to be completely restrung or replaced. He said he didn’t tell me because he knew I didn’t have the money. It was hard for him to play because the neck was coming apart. It also had deep gouges on the body so the sound quality was horrible. God
bless you. You have blessed my son and given so much joy to our family”


I have never seen a student more motivated to pursue her passion than Athena Sarmiento with her violin. Thanks to your generosity, she can now. Esta es la mejor noticia que he tenido en 6 smanas cuando nacieron mis nietos gemelos


Thank you so much for allowing Seth to do what he loves best, play basketball


Jose’s mom:

 “Thank you so much for the scholarship money given. It has contributed to my son’s passion. He enjoyed being able to play this year because of your help”

Jesus 2017 Lavender

Jesus joining the Atlanta United Juniors academy for which he was selected!


Luka’s father was detained. The art classes bring him joy to move forward