In early 2017, the Lavender family seeded the “Lavender Dream Big Scholarship Fund” in an effort to bring more equity to arts and sports enrichment activities and allow children to enjoy recreational activities as part of their educational experience.

Meet Jose Perez, one of the 2017 recipients of the scholarship.  “Thank you so much for the scholarship money given. It has contributed to my son’s passion. He enjoyed being able to play this year because of your help” Maria Castas (Jose’s Mom)

In 2017, 8 children across Atlanta were recipients of the award.  In 2018, we would like to double the number of recipients. 

 • Alba Nuñez
 • Michelle Ocampo
 • Juan Palacios
 • Escarlett Bárcenas
 • Roseber Zúñiga
 • Noemí Santiago
 • Gladys Cortes
  • Maria Casta Lopez

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