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(This originally appeared at a social media post from Atlanta Pride. We are re-posting in an effort to highlight local leaders and community activists during Hispanic Heritage Month)

Estrella Sanchez, a Trans Latina, was born an activist in Veracruz , Mexico. She challenged the norms of her family, community, church, and ultimately her country. She fled to the US to pursue a better life free of oppression and persecution, and awaits permission to live in the US as a citizen.13901311_10155049535203942_3516065489916616850_n

Miss Sanchez became the Trans Latina Coalition’s Coordinator for GA in 2013. In this volunteer position, she supports TransLatinas in growing self-esteem and finding their voices through coordinating demonstrations and access to services. She volunteers for AID Atlanta , LatinoLinQ, Latin Prevention in GA, and GLAHR. Her activism, altruism, and story of survival have been featured in the New York Times and on MSNBC.

Estrella challenges society to know trans people beyond the label of “trans” and to embrace transwomen as fellow humans with souls, hearts, feelings and contributions to help this world. She is committed to carrying the torch of the Trans Latina Coalition and upholding its mission to advocate for the specific needs of the Trans Latina community and to plan strategies that improve their quality of life.

Estrella is a true #Latina.  A warrior, a vocal advocate and a survivor.  Estrella is also a GRAND MARSHALL for Atlanta Pride! The festival begins TOMORROW.

Learn about Estrella’s story @ New York Times HERE

Read about Estrella’s immigration story

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