“When immigration is NOT on the table, Latinos have the luxury, like everybody else, to vote on policy"

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A couple of days ago I was lucky to attend the Annual GALEO Breakfast, the keynote address was delivered by Sylvia Manzano, Ph.D and Principal of Latino Decisions.

Dr. Manzano went through several statistics and charts, but a single comment stayed with me when she was explaining the way Latinos saw the election, the candidates, the issues:  “Sometimes reality has a partial bias”she said.  And it stayed with me.

Over 2,000 interviews and surveys were conducted at a national level and for the first time, both inmigration and an anti-immigrant sentiment were both in the top 4 top priorities for Latin@s to go out and vote.

Not surprinsingly, the most important topics for Latinos, were:

  • The Economy
  • Immigration
  • Education
  • Healthcare

However, when you scratch a bit below the surface, it is easy to understand why.

When asked WHY IS IMMIGRATION IMPORTANT FOR YOU?  The answers referred to important family ties, ethic cues beyond policy and the refusal to live in an hostile environment.

  • 65% of Latinos in Georgia know someone who is undocumented (that is more than 1 in 3).
  • 1 out 3 knows someone that has been detained or deported
  • 1 in 3, know a DACA applicant or receipient.

Dr. Manzano made a significan point: “When immigration is NOT on the table, Latinos have the luxury, like everybody else to vote on policy”

For the first time, too.  Latinos not only intend to turn out and vote for either Democrat or Republican parties, a whole third of the Latino electorate, plans to turn out to vote for the LATINO COMMUNITY (31%).  When individuals feel so strongly that voting for or against someone is voting for your own people, interesting things happen.  And that is exactly what I am looking forward to.

The full deck for the presentation, can be accessed HERE

To support the survey by Latino Decisions, just a couple of days ago, FOX Latino announced that based on their survey, 90% of Latinos support a path to giving undocumented immigrants a legal status.  FOX also says this is the highest number in support of immigration reform they have seen


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