Latinas in Georgia are the fastest growing segment opening businesses in the country, yet the large majority are sole propietors. Funding is a huge barrier to growth and development. Seed funding is allocated to micro entrepreneurs already working with one of our nonprofit partners.

Throughout the world, different micro-lending programs have shown that investing in women provide the best ROI.  Out of 1 dollar, women reinvest $0.90 in their families and businesses.

Our seed funding, allows micro-entrepreneurs to pay for incorporation and to purchase basic materials and equipment so they can start a commercial activity and over time, build credit and access other financial instruments such as CDFI’s loans.

Seed capital gifts range between $250-$500. The micro-entrepreneur agrees to report and provide receipts for the expenses covered by the gift. A percentage of the investment will be given as a refund after all receipts have been presented.

We ask you to consider recurring monthly donations to build sustainability into our fund.

Interested in contributing to the “Anchor Fund” that sustains this initiative? Contact us

Partner organizations include ACE Loans and the ACE Women’s Entrepreneurship Center, the Small Business Development Center, Office of Minority Business and the Latin American Chamber of Commerce Georgia.

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