Soy Felicita / I am Felicita

Name: Felicita Pineda

Artist name: Felicita


I was born in Palms Springs, California to Guatemalan parents. At the time, I lived with my 3 older brothers and both parents.

At the age of 2, my parents moved to Atlanta, GA because of new job opportunities due to the Olympics. At that time, my younger brother was born.

When I turned 5, My parents separated due to domestic violence.  My mother and all of us 5 children moved into a women’s shelter where my mom worked doing jobs like cleaning the bathrooms or doing laundry. Eventually, through a lot of hard work, we moved into an apartment and later a house in Mableton, GA.

At the age of 8, my older brother Gilberto (15 at the time) was in a horrible car accident that left him blind. The accident caused us to move to Douglas Counnty, where we lived for 8 years. At the age of 13, My oldest brother, William was deported. We didn’t have a dad around so when William left, we struggled emotionally and financially. Which caused us to lose our house, and moved us back to Mableton, GA.  At this time, I was in 11th grade.

On my first day of school, I was told that the school was a Performing Arts Magnet School. I hadn’t sung before but had been in multiple school dance groups and was in the band program, playing percussion. I missed the audition deadline considering it was in July.  Determined, I begged the Performing Arts director to let me audition. For my audition, I was incredibly unprepared. I did not have an instrumental, references, etc. Regardless, I got in as a Voice Major. I spent the next two years, learning what pitch was, how to read music, how to harmonize, play piano, etc.   During this tine, I also, came to the realization of one of my biggest fears. I could not sing in front of an audience. My voice would shake, choke or  become nonexistent! Even though I wasn’t great, I would go to bars, karaoke nights, or anywhere to get over my fear. I even auditioned for a Spanish TV show and made it to the top 10 in Atlanta. The last round was to be performed in front of 100 people. You can guess what happened. I eventually got over my fear of singing in front of others, to the point where I actually enjoyed myself! By the end of my senior, I had been awarded most outstanding in my class.

Not too long after, my hard work paid off and I had received a scholarship by a celebrity vocal coach; I recorded an EP, (available on Spotify and iTunes) and I was accepted into college!

In 2013, I moved to Savannah, GA to attend Armstrong State University as a Voice Performance Major. After a year away from home, I decided to move back and take a year off school to pursue music. During that year, I performed and wrote songs around town in different venues and with different musicians. I also, became a Voice coach at The School of Rock in Atlanta, GA. After a year of employment, I was given the opportunity to give lessons, independently. One student turned into the three, then five, then over ten!

Fast forward to now, I am currently attending Georgia State University and am currently designing a website for my music lessons while performing and writing songs around town.

I aspire to be a successful recording artist and songwriter. A new dream of mine, is to open an affordable Music School in the Atlanta area so students are afforded an opportunity to learn and excel as musicians and artists!IMG_7897.PNGIMG_7886.JPG

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