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“11 million–the undocumented–come to this country in the search of a better life for them and for their families. They are some of this country’s hardest workers; yet, are the ones who have the least access to government assistance, contrary to popular belief.

You won’t read these stories in the mainstream news. All over, we see the headlines and hear the soundbites, but there’s something missing–the human faces of this very abstract concept of being undocumented. We, the undocumented men and women, boys and girls, in this country are human beings with stories of pride, struggle, accomplishment, and failure of our own. These stories must be told. With the uncertainty in the days to come, with the advent of the Trump administration, more than ever, we must learn to treat each other with respect and dignity and that starts by learning more about our neighbors”

These are the words of Raymond Partolan in his new blog “Outside of the Shadows”.  An initiative to put a face to the concept of “undocumented”.  We invite you to subscribe to the blog and start by reading HERE.

Raymond’s story, a self-described “Typical American Kid”  is unique yet representative of the struggle of thousands of families that have a little bit of a support network. Families that are educated, middle class, speak some English and have relatives.

Thousands of other families and children, face a much more difficult situation (if that can be imagined) as they are fleeing gang rape, murder, starvation and fear from their countries.  Most of these families are still considered immigrants and not refugees as in the grounds for asylum are very narrow, a  person has to prove that he or she is being persecuted based on race, religion, political views, nationality or membership in a particular social group. Fleeing general violence isn’t enough for getting asylum in the U.S.

This page is dedicated to highlight stories, profiles and news about the Hispanic/Latino community in Georgia.  Raymond is not Latino yet he embodies all the qualities, talent and potential of his fellow Latino activists and young leaders.  His story, is our story.  230662_10150245380320466_8284581_n


I had the pleasure to meet Raymond as part of the GA Immigrant Alliance for Civic Empowerment, the largest coalition in the south to foster engagement of minorities.  The coalition was led by 2 conveners:  Asian Americans for Advancing Justice and CPACS.  Raymond was instrumental in the operation and deployment of the initiative that turned out the Hispanic and Asian vote in Georgia.

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