Nury Castillo Crawford: An Exemplary Leader

Nury Castillo Crawford


Nury Castillo Crawford learned quickly that while others might underestimate her for being Latina, it was up to her to further her academic development. In high school, her counselor told her that college would be too hard and that she shouldn’t apply. The young Latina ignored this racially charged advice and went to local colleges to speak with admissions offices and enroll anyway.

Nury now holds a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and Teaching from Florida A&M University. She is the President of the Georgia Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents, the author of a bilingual children’s book, the Director of Academic Support and founding director of the Hispanic Mentoring Program for Gwinnett County Public Schools. She has over 15 years of working as a school administrator and is the CEO/Founder of 1010 Publishing. She’s also presented nationally at conferences for the National Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents, the Georgia Department of Education, and school districts in Florida, California, and Georgia on culturally responsive pedagogy. 

Nury was born in Lima, Peru, and her family moved to Florida when she was young. As the oldest of three, she translated everything for her parents, supported them financially, helped them refinance their home, and taught her mother how to drive by the age of 14. She shares that her parents taught her to dream bigger, love herself, and believe in the power of helping others. Her mother always told her, “Haz bien sin mirar a quien” or “Do good without caring for who”.

She firmly believes that representation matters and that students must see Latino educators so they can find relevancy and connect. Her advice for students and younger professionals is to “Never allow anyone to determine your potential. We all have challenges- regardless of who you are; ours just might look a little different.”  

To learn more about the Georgia Association of Latinos Administrators and Superintendents, click here.

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