Marcy Ramos, The Lady of Crochet

Marcy Ramos, originally from Mexico, arrived in Atlanta twenty years ago.  Her love for knitting precedes her love for our city by 10 years.
Mary began knitting while pregnant with her first child, her mother-in-law taught her and it quickly became a hobby to distract her.
A few years ago, her best friend, Esther Moreno encouraged her to start selling instead of giving everything away. She started by doing a bazaar in her home garage and since then, Marcy has only moved forward and upward.
Three years ago, Marcy formalized her business by leaving her job of 13 years as a day porter at an office building and dedicating herself to knitting and teaching how to knit at a small workshop she has in her home.
Marcy shares with us this venture not only brings her joy, but also allows her to give back with activities and donations to organizations raising awareness for causes she cares about.  Her first activity was to organize a group of women to join a walk to benefit cancer research and patient support. She was passionate about this topic and did not see many Latinas joining the event, so she decided to do something about it.  The first year, it was only 4 women, the second year, 18 women came out and all of them are more responsible with their health and pledge to do breast exams.
“Once, I went to a domestic violence shelter to visit and we brought them hats for the women and their children. The best was to see the surprise and joy in their faces” says Marcy.
“Now my friends that knit and I, get together once a week in a restaurant or coffee place, we get to meet each other, support each other and knit for important causes we believe in, like cancer prevention and screenings, domestic violence, etc”.
Being an entrepreneur was always my dream and with the support of my husband and the motivation of YoSoyM (Yo Soy Mujer) I decided to try it.
“I want to encourage everybody to fight and work for our dreams and try our best. We can always say we did our best if it does not work”.


Marcy’s social venture is called “Ladies of Crochet”, you can follow her on social media here.  In addition to her business, Marcy currently works part-time as a caregiver for an 80 years old couple.
Adelante Marcy!

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