Frequently Asked Questions About LCF Georgia

What type of nonprofit is LCF Georgia?
Latino Community Fund (LCF) Georgia is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, meaning it is a tax exempt, publicly supported philanthropic organization.  LCF Georgia operates a bit like a community foundation dedicated to the Latinx/Hispanic community with the ultimate goal of increasing investment and build capacity in our local community through Latino-serving nonprofits. Additionally, we provide scholarships directly to Latinx families in Georgia.

We believe when we invest in our communiy, we are investing in the future of the state at large.

Why is Latino Community Fund needed?
The Latinx/Hispanic community in the South has grown almost 300% in the last 30 years. However, foundation (private and corporate) investment has remained at 1% (between 0.9% and 1.3%). We are a vibrant, resourceful and resilient community in a transitional state and while we have made important gains in the last years in terms of educational attainment (drop-out rates have been reduced), entrepreneurship and business growth (Latinas in GA are the fastest growing segment opening and growing businesses in the entire country), etc. We still need to do more.

Government offices and large nonprofits are slowly responding to the reality that by 2040, 1 in 5 people will be Latinx in Georgia. In fact, many counties already live this reality and at the forefront of the change are Latino-serving nonprofits–mostly grassroots and generally small and undercapitalized.

Small and startup minority-serving nonprofit often have a difficult time finding capacity building services, general guidance and a support system that are culturally competent and can be adjusted to their specific needs and budgets.

Latino Community Fund wants to amplify their voices, expand their reach, and support their work. By supporting nonprofit work, we strengthen our community.

Who do you work with? How do you benefit our community?
We believe Latino-serving nonprofits are uniquely qualified to work with, facilitate and empower our community in the state. We are dedicated to supporting their work through our 3 focus areas:  

Amplify our Voice: We advocate for our community, for the diversity of our voices and experiences. We work for a seat at the table. We aggregate information (check our community calendar here) work to increase knowledge, recommend speakers and qualified individuals to join boards.

Capacity Building & Program Development: We work to provide affordable and culturally competent event/meeting planning and facilitation, fundraising, development strategy, grant writing, and advocacy training for our members, partners and anybody interested in better serve our community. We develop programming that is relevant and effective along with our members and partners.

Community Investment & Disaster Relief: Extends the program continuum into the community by funding individuals who already working in partnership with nonprofits to provide opportunities for education, providing seed capital for Latinx micro-entrepreneurs, or promoting civic engagement.

Our Puerto Rico Relief Fund was developed out of need and at the request of our community. We are dedicated to supporting the sustainable recovery of the island.

At the moment, we are the only nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the work of Latino-serving nonprofits in the state.

How do you get your funding?
Corporate and private foundations and individuals like YOU.  Our pledge is that 100% of all individual funding (less a very small administrative fee) will be reinvested back in our community.  We need you to join our Giving Circles, to match funds, and to provide anchor funds that will build a permanent endowment for sustainability.

How do you operate? Who is on your team?
We are governed by a diverse board of directors.  Our founder and executive director manages the daily operations of the organization. We work with a wide range of consultants and contractors who work on a reduced fee schedule to assist nonprofit organizations with their needs.

If I contribute to the Latino Community Fund, will I be recognized in any way?
There are several possibilities, depending on your preferences. If you think the options below do not fit your needs, please contact us; we are happy to work with you.

  1. If you make a general donation to the organization, your name will be included in our annual report.
  2. If you make an investment in one of our Giving Circle funds, the funds will be restricted to that fund and will be recognized in our annual report.
  3. You CAN make a gift in memory or as a tribute to someone.  We will recognize the person you dedicate your gift to in our annual report.  Make sure you fill out all the fields when making your donation.
  4. Should you become an “Anchor Funder” to jump start and provide sustainability to our Giving Circles, your name and logo will be recognized in our annual report and online with a link to a page of your choice.  Your fund can also become part of an endowment to support our work.
  5. If you are a corporate, private or family foundation, you can either become an “Anchor Funder” to the fund you prefer, you can help underwrite our capacity building program or you can help assign your funds to underwrite our blog with success stories and profiles of community leaders.

What are the tax advantages of donating to the Latino Community Fund?
We are a publicly-supported non-profit organization, qualified under section 501(c)(3) of the internal revenue code. The tax benefits are greater than with donations to a private foundation.

More questions?
Please feel free to contact Gigi Pedraza at