In Georgia, 68% of Latino families live under 200% poverty.


Millions of individuals in America work hard to support their families. But, despite their effort, almost one in three working families are stuck in low-wage jobs that provide inadequate benefits and offer little opportunity for advancement and economic security.

Working families led by blacks and Hispanics are now (2013)  twice as likely as those headed by whites and Asians to be poor or low-income, a gap that only widened since the recession began, according to an analysis of Census data in a new report by the Working Families Project, which promotes family-friendly policies in the states.

Some EYE OPENING facts are that 3 out of 5 kids living in poverty are from racial/ethnic minorities and these are the FASTEST GROWING FAMILIES IN THE US.

In Georgia, 68% of Latino families live under 200% poverty.  Not surprinsingly, the top ocupations are:

1. Housekeeping cleaners
2. Cooks
3. Janitors and building cleaners

Conside that Atlanta will see incredible growth in minority populations (especially Blacks and Hispanics) in the imrs.phpnext 15 years and you will understand the sense of urgency in taking measures that will increase economic development and upward mobility for these populations.

According to the projections from the Urban Institute, metro Atlanta’s Hispanic population will grow by about 800,000 by 2013.

Some of the recommendations from the report include:

– Expand Medicaid

– Develop Career Pathways

– Support English Language Learning

– Increase Job Equality and Wages

You can read the full report HERE

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