Hispanic Heritage Month: Pedro Viloria

Latino Community Fund of Georgia continues to shed the light on those working towards improving the circumstances of the Latinx community. Some of these individuals are well on their way to being the leaders of tomorrow.

Pedro Jose Viloria has been advocating for the Latinx community as the Program Coordinator for Community Engagement and Development for GALEO.  Since his college graduation in 2017, he has actively sought to educate and engage the community in becoming active participants and leaders throughout the state of Georgia.  

Pedro was born in Venezuela where he spent his childhood before moving to the United States with his family.  He recalls “being surrounded by loving people, delicious food, and an overwhelming feeling of warmth, comfort, and safety.”  Unfortunately, these memories exist in the past as the country has been engulfed in crisis resulting in the scattering of his family and deterioration of his birth country. Pedro is driven by these developments which give him passion to fight against oppression, tyranny, and inequality.  

After the Viloria family moved to the United States, Pedro would go on to become the first of his family to graduate from college.  He obtained Bachelors in Political Science and French from Emory University. It was during college that he also felt compelled to embrace his gay identity.  These experiences, from childhood throughout his early adult years, have all provided fuel towards his advocacy to make Georgia more equitable for all. He has experienced first-hand the dangers of intolerance and works to prevent and correct injustices.  He states, “I believe it is our duty to improve our community so that our future generations can succeed.” 

Soon, Pedro will soon become a resident of California where he is certain to continue his work of advocacy and engagement.  This commitment to social work is driven not by accolades or recognition but by the results of empowering and motivating others. Pedro previously served as a fellow here at the Latino Community Fund of Georgia; we wish Pedro Viloria the best as he transitions into a life of advocacy in California.

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