1. Financial contributions are the most important way to provide support for emergency services and the rebuilding of Puerto Rico.  Monetary contributions pay for transportation, gasoline, skilled relief workers, construction materials, medicines, medical supplies, food and essentials for the rebuilding of Puerto Rico.


Donate directly to Puerto Rico via a public/private partnership led by First Lady Beatriz Roselló:  Unidos Por Puerto Rico



Donate to Ser Familia, a local nonprofit allocating funding directly to serve four low-income senior homes in the island.  Click Here and write “Puerto Rico”when submitting your donation.


LCFGeorgiaDonate to our Puerto Rico Emergency Fund. Click here.    Mail a check to:  Latino Community Fund Inc (Puerto Rico Relief) PO BOX 3299 Decatur 30031.  

Latino Community Fund (LCF Georgia) is currently focusing in the following priorities for Puerto Rico relief and rebuilding efforts:

a) Facilitate the inventory, transportation, shipment and distribution of supplies already collected in Georgia through a known nonprofit or government contact with scale and capacity in Puerto Rico
d) Raise funds to support the re-building efforts of the island by providing assistance to local nonprofit organizations working at the grass roots level in Puerto Rico.

2.  Volunteer to screen, gather, separate, load in and distribute goods collected.  Click on this link to sign up. LCF Georgia is NOT collecting goods. If you sign up to volunteer, information on current volunteering opportunities with those groups sorting and collecting supplies will be provided.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I donate food, medicine, clothes and other supplies locally?  

Yes, you can donate food, water, and other supplies, however please understand that at the moment only FEMA and military supplies are getting in Puerto Rico and are able to get to warehouses, distribution centers and actually be distributed.  This is a long term effort and help is and will be needed.  Today (Sept. 26) there are 4 airplanes arriving full of emergency aid (including food, cots, medical supplies, water, etc). Every day there will be 4-5 planes arriving with supplies. Additionally, there are several containers already in Puerto Rico waiting for approval to be distributed.  We know help is on the way and will be arriving. 

 If you still want to donate locally, please click here to learn about drop off locations as organized by a group called PuertoRicovery

Please note that any donations sent by air, need to have coordinated pick up in the island. A responsible party needs to be available to sign off what is arriving at ports and airports.  UPDATE OCTOBER: Goods and supplies donated are now able to reach different locations and nonprofits if agreements are in place with transportation companies or volunteers.  You can also MAIL OR SHIP directly to your preferred organization in Puerto Rico; please know that your preferred organization may have strict guidelines on what is needed and able to collect / pick up from the ports or airports.

What is the list I need to follow so I can start collecting items for Puerto Rico?

There are several lists. One related to supplies needed in PR, a second one is a list of supplies passenger airplanes are able to ship to Puerto Rico.  The list of supplies that passenger airlines can fly to Puerto Rico when air traffic resumes as normal is below:

Canned food, Diapers (babys), Diapers (adults), Deodorants, Toilet paper, Toothpaste and toothbrushes (must be new and sealed), Flashlights, Soap (must be new and sealed), Radios, Batteries, Blankets, Repellent (new and sealed)

Again note, that there are dozens of Red Cross and other large nonprofits in line waiting to get shipments from the island so it will take time until all donations get there, are gathered and distributed.

I already have lots of supplies collected. What can I do until we are able to ship them?

Make an inventory of what you have,  separate supplies and put them in large boxes.  All supplies need to be NEW and SEALED.  Email us the information and your location, we will try to connect you with transportation to Puerto Rico when it becomes available.

If you want to reach out to the “approved” shippers and partner organizations able to send supplies to Puerto Rico, please click here.  UPDATE OCTOBER: Thank you to the generosity of cargo companies, corporations and airlines, some groups have been able to find space to ship items to Puerto Rico.  If you have a contact with a cargo company, airline or ship, please reach out to them.  Currently, there are special fees that apply to relief donation shipments with Delta, AquaGulf and UPS.

Can we ship or mail items to Puerto Rico now?

No. As of today September 26, USPS, UPS or FEDEX are not shipping any materials or supplies othern than military relief and Red Cross supplies.  They can take your package but they won’t be able to distribute it. Some post offices have opened in Puerto Rico but only to pick up items from PO Boxes or packages that were shipped many days ago. There is no distribution.  UPDATE OCTOBER:  YES! You can now ship goods, supplies, to Puerto Rico. Airlines, USPS, UPS and FEDEX are now taking packages and shipments to the island. Please know that delays apply as the systems are slowly coming back. UPDATE OCTOBER:  YES! You can now ship goods, supplies, to Puerto Rico. Airlines, USPS, UPS and FEDEX are now taking packages and shipments to the island. Please know that delays apply as the systems are slowly coming back.

What are the priorities for Puerto Rico now?

The water infrastructure and electricity grid as well as the communication infrastructure.  This is a long term and expensive effort.

Can I fly to Puerto Rico or evacuate people from the island?

There are around 10-12 flights a day currently, mostly filled with emergency aid and returning with medical evacuees and very very few passengers.  There is a backlog of 20,000 passengers on each airline. UPDATE OCTOBER: YES! There are still some limitations but flights have resumed.  

How do I file for assistance for my family via FEMA?

Click here

I want to talk to an emegency relief/management center in Puerto Rico. Can you help me?

Please click here and find the best contacts for emergency offices in PR: