UnknownDonate to our Puerto Rico Emergency Fund. Click here.  Alternatively, you can mail a check to  Latino Community Fund Inc (Puerto Rico Relief) PO BOX 3299 Decatur 30031.  

The Puerto Rico Relief Fund managed by the Latino Community Fund was seeded by Aida Perez-Flamm and friends out of a need to provide immediate relief to the island after the devastation of Hurricane Maria and to invest efficiently and effectively in the recovery and rebuilding of the island. Since September 2017, we hosted a convening meeting to coordinate efforts with other relief and recovery initiatives, we have facilitated the shipping of emergency relief supplies and we are currently investing in the recovery and rebuilding efforts of Puerto Rico. To date, we have allocated over $27,000 to Puerto Rico relief and recovery efforts, with in-kind logistics and shipping support valued at additional $10,000. Update Jan. 2018: Investments are now at almost $30,000.

Emergency Relief -First Phase

a) In partnership with N.O.B.L.E. (National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives) and over 20 partners, many law enforcement agencies and correction and police departments, we were able to facilitate the shipment of 147 pallets of water, medicines, cleaning supplies, diapers, canned and non-perishable food, pet food, and kitchen appliances to Puerto Rico. Below, pictures of the press conference that took place on November 2 at Legacy Ford in McDonough. We are grateful for our logistics and shipping partners that made this possible.

 b) We made a small investment in MICLIPCI ministries working directly with a local trucking business and a network of volunteers and churches in Puerto Rico to distribute food and supplies right after the hurricane hit. Additionally, we have provided a small grant to purchase water filters for senior communities.
Volunteer of MICLIPCI in Puerto Rico with relief goods purchased in part with our investment.

Recovery and Rebuilding – Second Phase:

We are funding two specific projects in Puerto Rico through Taller de Salud and Casa Pueblo.  Both organizations are community-centered nonprofits serving marginalized and at-need areas on the island.
Our projects are directed to serve the Afro-Latino community in the Northeast of Puerto Rico (Loiza) and the area of Adjuntas, in the mountains of the territory.  


Taller de Salud: Financial investment in the rebuilding of 10 homes in Loiza. Currently raising funds to complete our investment and allocate a portion to “Peace Parks” where the community can meet and organize re-building efforts.

Casa Pueblo: Financial investment in the revitalization of the coffee farming industry in the town through the sustainable growth and production of “Café Madre Isla” providing work and income to local farmers. A portion of the income from the sales of the coffee, help fund environmental education, access to local forests to local schools and solar power generation for the town.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I donate food, medicine, clothes and other supplies?  

Financial contributions are the most important way to provide support for emergency services and the rebuilding of Puerto Rico.  Monetary contributions pay for transportation, gasoline, skilled relief workers, construction materials, medicines, medical supplies, food and essentials for the rebuilding of Puerto Rico.  There are estimated 5 million pounds of goods ALREADY collected in Georgia and waiting for transportation. If you want to support pay for shipping of these goods, please connect with CONTIGO PR by clicking here.

What are the priorities for Puerto Rico now?

The water infrastructure and electricity grid as well as the communication infrastructure.  This is a long-term and expensive effort.

How do I file for assistance for my family via FEMA?

Click here https://www.disasterassistance.gov

I want to talk to an emergency relief/management center in Puerto Rico. Can you help me?

Please click here and find the best contacts for emergency offices in PR: http://prfaa.pr.gov/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Oficinas-Regionales.pdf

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