DACA is the first step in securing the future of young Latinos. In addition to allowing them to access higher education financing and better positioning them for U.S. citizenship, it allows them to better contribute to society by accessing improved employment and business opportunities.

Thousands of youth in Georgia are eligible for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program. “Dreamers,” or DACA recipients, are young individuals that arrived to the U.S. before their sixteenth birthday and have no criminal record.

applyingCitizenSmallThese promising young individuals can obtain protection from deportation, access work permits and drivers’ licenses with this program. Filing fees are $495 for first time DACA applicants.

Click here for more information on who qualifies for DACA, a screening tool and process.

Additionally, thousands of Latinos in Georgia lack the resources to file for citizenship even though they meet all the requirements determined by the USCIS Bureau. It is estimated that between Asian and Latino residents, approximately 81,000 individuals could become citizens by 2020.

Giving Circle investors support individuals who cannot afford the $725 filing fee with a one-time gift to be paid directly to the Department of Homeland Security. LCF Georgia works with partner nonprofits and reputable immigration lawyers to make sure applications are completed accurately and submitted.

Funding will be allocated by majority vote from our Giving Circle investors at the $90 a month or $1000 a year level.  However investments at ANY level are welcome.  We ask you to consider recurring monthly donations to build sustainability into our fund.

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