Giving Circles, Corporate and Family Philanthropy and Social Investments are vehicles to facilitate smart and efficient investment in our community.

LCF works with individuals interested in direct investment, families, small businesses and corporations to help them make smart decisions matching their strategic or geographic priorities in Georgia.

Latinx Giving Circles

Giving Circles are a collective philanthropic effort, to support our own community and organizations. We pool together resources for greater impact.

Latino Community Fund (LCF) encourages individuals, small businesses, families and corporations to pool resources for a larger and more significant impact. LCF provides a channel to garner our collective investments to focus three high-impact funds:

Investments and contributions at all levels are welcome and will be recognized. Small businesses and families have an opportunity to name and dedicate scholarships as a community investment.  Let us know if you are interested in this opportunity

Meet some of our Giving Circle Investors. How are YOU building your legacy?  

Thank you! To our Giving Circle supporters! (in alphabetical order)

Daniel Castan, Gretchen Class, Omaira Diaz, Andrew Diaz, Misty Fernandez, Humberto Garcia, Betty Gonzalez, Kimberly Knight, Deb Kozikowski, Rebecca Messina, Verónica Maldonado-Torres, Eloisa Moreno, Alejandra Pelaez, Christopher Perlera, Mariana Pinago, Daniel Taveras, Belisa Urbina, Adela Yelton…. list in progress

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Corporate, Business and Family Philanthropy

We have over 15 years of experience working with local nonprofit organizations, from the largest to very small community neighborhood associations doing their best to serve Latinos in Georgia.

We are uniquely qualified to provide you with a wide range of options and recommend smart, effective and efficient investments in the Latino community in our state.

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By partnering with us, you are directly contributing to our collective vision of a stronger, educated, self-sufficient and healthier community.  LCF Georgia provides funding directly to individuals and Latino-serving nonprofit member organizations.  If you are a nonprofit and are interested in this and other funding opportunities, please fill out this form.

Current Family Funds

Lavender “Dream Big” Family Fund