Eduardo wants to see his mom before going to college

Eduardo Samaniego, a talented 21 years old man that grew up in a farm in Mexico and came to Georgia as a minor.  Because of his undocumented status, he was unable to pursue his studies at his dream university.  University of Georgia.

Because of his great record (academically and community service engagements) Eduardo recently was awarded a 4 years scholarship to go to Hampshire College, Massachusetts.  His only wish before going to school is to see his mother.

He is raising $920 to bring her to the US. Yes, she has a tourist visa.

If you want to support Eduardo and want to learn more, please see the video below and click on the link to donate:


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Gilda (Gigi) Pedraza

Executive Director and Founder Latino Community Fund (LCF Georgia) Social Entrepreneur, Community Advocate, Latina, Mom, Wife. Lover of Life.