DACAmented in Georgia

In 2012, an important documentary under the name of “Illegal” was part of the official selection for the LA Shorts Fest featuring interviews with undocumented young immigrants, faith, civil and political leaders.

At the time of the screening, President Obama had announced the DACA program and while it was relevant at the time, the documentary found the spotlight (again) a few days ago as the conversations about potential changes to the DACA program and immigration in general are expected under the Trump presidency.

The documentary, promoted by  Omeleto (with the mission to inspire you to live a more purposeful life) has now reached close to 3 million views. The video is below.


In Georgia, David Schaefer, Director of Advocacy for The Latin American Association and Georgia Tech Professor Juan Carlos Rodriguez, recorded and edited videos of four DACA recipients in Georgia and issued a documentary called “DACAmented”.  The documentary was launched on March 2nd at the Center For Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta and was hosted by The Latin American Association.

Click below and learn about the stories of Yehimi Cambron, Maria Andrea Cruzado, Raymond Partolan and Rey Pineda.

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