CONTRAPUNTO, an arts collective focused​ on Latinx visual artists living and working in Atlanta and surrounding areas

(This story is written by Carlos Solis, Visual Artist and founder of Contrapunto)

Contrapunto started in 2008. At the time, Atlanta was a landscape where Latino artists were not existing. Few Latin-American artists were given the opportunity to exhibit their work in main galleries or any galleries for that matter.

To me, it was disconcerting and disappointing, not only to witness this, but also in realizing the little knowledge and understanding of Latin American and Latino art in general.

I felt compelled and inspired to start something, a group of contemporary Latin American artists with variety, and uniqueness that would foster a positive attitude from within the collective but also outside.

Today, I feel that I have accomplished just that. We are a small yet strong group of very talented artists from a number of Latin American countries. We have been successfully showing in galleries, museums, theaters and universities in several cities across the United States for a couple of years now.

The artists and Maestros that have been consistently part of the group until now are Pedro Fuertes (Peru), Jorge Arcos (Mexico) , Graciela Nunes-Bedoya (Peru), Dora Lopez (Peru), Catalina Gomez (Colombia) and Myself, Carlos Solis (Venezuela.)

I guess the best way to describe our collective is that we have connected and worked together harmoniously in a supportive and uplifting way.  Hence our name, the musical term “Counterpoint”.  In music, Counterpoint (Contrapunto) is the technique of combining two or more melodic lines in such a way that they establish a harmonic relationship while retaining their linear individuality”.

Usually, we get together and bring other groups and guests artists to our shows. It is our philosophy to give the opportunity to emerging as well as established artists to be part of our shows. We recognize that it is very important to work together as a community to increase our presence as Latin American artists and grow stronger and more recognizable.

Contrapunto acknowledges the responsibility to work with the community to bring a positive and unique image and to use art as an educational platform to teach what “Hispanic” or “Latino” means to us; to show our culture, folklore, and history.

Visual art is, in my opinion,  the best way to send a message, exchange ideas and point of views across the broad spectrum of our society in an intelligent and civilized manner with those whose still do not have a full understanding of who we are. We are dedicated, recognized for our hard work, enormous potential, high-level skills, and professionalism.

Pictures below are from one of the gatherings hosted by Contrapunto at the home of Carlos Solis. (Photo Credit to Jenny O’Brien Quispe –

Interested in admiring or purchasing our work? Below is the list of upcoming exhibits. Also, you can email Carlos Solis here.

2018 September / October
Coca-Cola Hispanic Heritage Month celebration-September/October

2018 November
Latino Art Museum-Pomona, California

2019 April
Marietta Art Museum

2019 May
The Rialto Arts Center Atlanta

2019 November
Gallery 72 Atlanta

Abernathy Art Center-

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