Alterna Community Blog Post on GA Sen. McKoon Senate Bill Proposal

The State Senator who represents my district states that he looks forward to a “very robust debate” on his bill yet he won’t take the time to meet with constituents for even civil dialogue, much less meet with those who would be directly impacted by what McKoon calls his “conservative priorities”.

I have many friends and neighbors who are self-described conservatives but McKoon’s SB 6 looks nothing like the values of my compassionate, conservative friends and neighbors, most whom share a deep faith that calls us to love our neighbor as ourselves.

There is nothing conservative about giving so-called big government the authority to obtain DNA and retinal scans from anyone they may wish who is seeking a driver’s license or ID.  McKoon’s bill would authorize such far-reaching actions.

There is nothing compassionate about McKoon’s drafted legislation that turns US citizens and immigrants into felons for no other “crime” than simply driving without a license (or, “unlincenseable” as I prefer to say).

There is nothing neighborly about a bill that seizes the already issued driver licenses of thousands residing in Georgia. McKoon’s dehumanizing bill would seize the driver’s license and ID of thousands of young people filled with the promise and ideals of America but whose only “sin” is that they arrived in the US as children without legal authorization.

In my youth I was nurtured in a conservative Christian environment much like Josh McKoon and many of his constituents. McKoon’s Senate Bill 6, penned in collaboration with recognized “nativist extremist” organization, The Dustin Inman Society, does not reflect the moral or religious values held by McKoon’s own faith community.

With a potentially long political career ahead of Senator McKoon, I hope and pray he’ll represent our district and state with a moral compass that leads to real and just solutions that uphold the American ideal embodied by every wave of immigrant – from Flores to McKoon.


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