Latino Community Fund (LCF Georgia) supports Latino-serving nonprofits and individuals in Georgia with advocacy, program development, technical assistance and collective investments.

Our Mission: To be a catalyst for investment, collaborative work, and positive narrative for the Latinx/Hispanic Community in Georgia

Our Vision: LCF Georgia will be the most trusted connector between funders, nonprofits, individuals, and businesses working with and within the Latinx community in Georgia.

Model: LCF Georgia is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization. Specifically, we are a grant making public charity following a federated model. We are an intermediary between Latinx nonprofit organizations, funders, government and others interested in investing and learning more about the Hispanic/Latinx community in Georgia.

Pillars of our work, driving everything we do
-We strengthen our identity by increasing our community visibility and advocacy.
-We build a stronger community by collaborating and building networks.
-We promote and support civic engagement and participation as a way to champion community issues

LCF works with Latinx-serving nonprofits in the following key focus areas
-Leadership development and civic participation
-Health and safety
-Education and Educational attainment
-Entrepreneurship, economic development and mobility
-Human & legal services
-Arts & Culture

2019 Annual Impact Report

2018 Annual Impact Report

2017 Annual Impact Report