America’s Immigration Policy (FORBES)

American’s Immigration Policy is Killing our Future by FORBES (Entrepreneurs) Written by Darian Shirazi

Latinos in Georgia, Numbers & Profile

Click to access all data and charts from the Immigration Policy Center “ The Political and Economic Power of Immigrants, Latinos, and Asians the Peach State“  

GLINC – Generacion Latina

  With the increased growth of the Latino/Hispanic population in the state, and a large percentage of individuals (almost a third) under 15 years old, more and more organizations addressing key educational issues in our community are blossoming within high schools and college campuses. We did a note on H.O.P.E. Strong some time ago; now … Continue reading GLINC – Generacion Latina

Junot Diaz @ Ga Tech

  For those of us that enjoy literature and believe books are vital catalysts to an informed community and to address complicated stories and emotional issues;  Junot Diaz is at the top of a very special list including writers that are also a bit of heroes, sociologists, psychologists and platonic friends. Junot has the courage … Continue reading Junot Diaz @ Ga Tech