Our mission is to be a catalyst for collaborative work with Latino-serving nonprofits and a driver of investment and a positive narrative focused on Georgia’s Latinx/Hispanic community.

Our vision is to be the most trusted connector between funders, nonprofits, individuals and businesses working with and within the Latino community in Georgia. 

Why are we important? Since 1990, the Latino/Hispanic community has grown almost ten-fold in Georgia.  Against this demographic background, the Foundation Center issued a study in 2011 to understand US Foundation giving and giving trends to Latinos in the country.  It remains the only study of its kind.  The study found that dollars intended to benefit Latinos have remained stagnant at around 1%.   Out of this 1%, the Western region of the United States received the largest share (42%) with the vast majority of this funding going to California. 

The Southeast is the region with the smallest market share in funding (both from private foundations and corporate foundations) with Georgia receiving only 0.7% of the 1% of funding allocated to Latinos nationally.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 14.04.18Pillars of our work, driving everything we do
-We strengthen our identity by increasing our community visibility and advocacy.
-We build a stronger community by collaborating and building networks.
-We promote and support civic engagement and participation as a way to champion community key issues.
-We believe that women are at the core of our families and organizations and are the largest untapped resource in the Latino community in Georgia.

LCF works with Latino-serving nonprofits in the following key focus areas
-Leadership development and civic engagement
-Health and healthy relationships
-Educational access and attainment
-Entrepreneurship and economic justice
-Women’s empowerment

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Latino Community Fund (LCF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization